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Lemari Asam Fume Hood

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Supreme Air General Purpose Bench Fume Hoods are furnished with a choice of liner and baffles with upper, center, and lower exhaust slots. Each fume hood is complete with a lower deflector vane, counterbalanced, frameless sash of 1/4" combination safety glass and interior plumbing access panels. Hood exteriors are fabricated of cold rolled steel, phosphate coated with a baked chemical resistant, synthetic resin finish. The exhaust duct collar is polyethylene, 1115/16" O.D. (8 foot hoods are furnished with two duct collars.) Supreme Air Bench Hoods are available with either an Open By-Pass or a Restricted By-Pass for VAV use. An auxiliary air chamber is available for use on the Open By-Pass hood.

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Vertical sash bench hood


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