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Waterbath Memmert

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Temperature range in C min. 5C above ambient up to +95C with additional boiling mode (+100C)

Control of standard components

Temperature 1 Pt100 sensor class A in 4-wire-circuit

Timer integrated digital timer from 1 min. to 99,59 hours for: ON continuous operation WAIT (delayed on for continuous and limited timed operation) HOLD


Temperature control mechanical temperature limiter TB protection class 1 switching the heating off at approx. 30C above max. temperature of the bath

Temperature control in case of overtemperature due to failure, the heating is switched off at approx. 10C above the set temperature (fixed value)

Autodiagnostic system microprocessor PID-temperature controller with integrated autodiagnostic system with fault indicator

Heating concept

Heating Baths corrosion-proof large-area heating on three sides

Standard equipment

Controller digital display (LED) of set and actual temperature (0,1C resolution) and of (remaining) programme time

Stainless steel interior

Dimensions W x H x D in mm w(A) x h(C) x d(B): 240 x 140 x 210 mm

Interior easy-to-clean interior, made of stainless steel, reinforced by deep drawn ribbing, material no. 1.4301 (ASTM 304), laser-welded

Volume : 7 liter

Liquid level min. (H) 97 mm

Liquid level max. (I) 120 mm

Textured stainless steel casing

Dimensions w(D) x h(G) x d(E): 468 x 356 x 238 mm

Electrical data

Voltage 230 V, 50/60 Hz

Electrical load approx. 1200 W (during heating)

Ambient conditions

Installation The vent openings in the left and back side must remain unobstructed. Minimum wall spacing on all sides is 80 mm.

The minimum spacing from the top of the bath to the next ceiling is 750 mm.

Ambient temperature +5 C to +40 C

Humidity rh max. 80 %, non-condensing

Overvoltage category II

Pollution degree 2

Packing/shipping data

Transport information The appliances must be transported upright

Oirigin : Germany 

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